My sister loves trying new places but she never forgets to include me in her plans when I am in the same city as her. Things have been a little overwhelming for me on campus so my parents suggested I study from home for a while.

We went for coffee together a week ago and stumbled across the most enchanting salon I have ever seen! We knew immediately that we had to invite my eldest sister and plan a little sisters pamper day, so we booked an appointment and counted down the days till we could relax in this beautiful salon.

It is called Buff Parlour in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban. It is something out of a movie. The staff was incredible and an abseloute delight. The products they use are of great quality and the entire experience is just mesmerizing. My sisters and I had a lovely time and although their prices are a a bit high, we will definitely be going back!

Follow them on Instagram @buffparlour or call them on 087 2879 878

A little kids chill area.
Their retro coffee shop area.
The reception area.
These light fittings are clouds made out of cotton wool, so smart!
My middle sister and I ready to get pampered.
There’s also a tiny malt cafe with vintage Archie comic books.
They also offer hot drinks, cool drinks and doughnuts! YUM.
My eldest sister and I.