Nothing shakes my bottle more than hearing overused and cliché phrases but I had to! 2017 marks the beginning of the end for my university career. It has been three years since I packed up my pretty little room in Durban and headed off with a truck full of boxes to my dorm room at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. A big move for someone who could’ve been labelled a spoilt brat back then…

Since the big move, I have shifted my life into my own warm and comfortable home, I have changed a tire, I have cooked my favourite foods from scratch, my sister got married, grew my hair, watched Paul McCartney live in Prague, started a blog, loved, lost (lost a little more) and been published in two newspapers! So I think it is safe to say my journey so far has been one helluva ride! As with anything in life, there are a few things that I think could’ve gone a little better for me, but everything does happen for a reason, right?

Living in Grahamstown away from my family has been one of the biggest challenges in my life thus far. For some, leaving home is easy and if not easy, anticipated. But for me it was a lite different. Prior to leaving home, I literally couldn’t even wash a spoon. Well, not couldn’t but wouldn’t. It took a lot from me mentally to realise that I cannot live a healthy and enlightened  life if I keep babying myself and expecting those around me to do so too because I am the youngest. This was a decision I made for myself to start being more independent. Yes, some might argue that leaving home grows anyone up but I disagree. I have seen many people lose control or confuse priorities because their “policeman” (so to say) is back at home. My point of this isn’t to put myself on some sort of pedestal, instead I think it is important for us to always realise that change is good, even if we don’t see a need for it. Change scares everyone but the amount of good that can come out of an improved situation is infinite.

During the process of change and growing, you will always fall down a few times. You lose love, you lose relationships, lose friends and sometimes you even lose control because you can’t figure out where you should draw the hypothetical line that everyone always speaks of. This is what creates an unidentified fear in us and we end up in a state of comfort and stagnation, but trust me; any downfalls are worth the reward of turning your life around. Getting off that sofa to get the TV remote YOURSELF is worth it. Taking YOURSELF for that McDonalds McFlurry is worth it! The less you depend on others, the  capacity for a Joie De Vivre mindset in your life expands beyond your control because when you are able to be there for yourself, then it is more than okay to live your life as you please. This doesn’t refer to monetary aspects but rather the way you allow yourself to grow.

My point is that there is so much you can do for yourself and it took me a good three years to appreciate and recognize the power I have as an individual to better myself, to leave my lazy comfort zone and grow up. I am so excited to tackle my last year as a student because once I cross the line and become a working class grown up things are going to get a little more challenging, and who doesn’t love a challenge? (me, I don’t… But what choice do I have?)

After all the really morbid posts and remarks about 2016, I must say that I couldn’t agree. Yes 2016 was a year of crazy things happening, but for me personally it wasn’t all that bad… Here’s to better things, more accomplishments, a Bachelor of Journalism and turning TWENTY TWO! taylor-swift-22-gif