It has been about two weeks since the idea of this series popped into my head. I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself and my readers that we don’t take enough out of our situations. But I didn’t expect something so strange to happen to me and create the perfect opportunity to explain how something so negative could end up being a positive.

Cyber bullies and keyboard warriors are a real thing. These perpetrators are usually hiding behind their computer screen or cellphone because, well, guts. They want to hurt you and bring you down but definitely not as themselves. Recently I had the unfortunate experience being harassed via Instagram.  Some very puny minded individual thought it would be a great idea to create a fake account and DM (direct message) me all sorts of things.  At first I was extremely taken aback and hurt to say the least. Based on the information they knew, I thought this has to be someone I’ve known or currently know. Of course it was a little unsettling to know that someone I have crossed paths with has the ability to stoop so low.

How do you describe an adult who feels it is appropriate to take up a fake identify and threaten someone else? The problem lies with maturity and sense of protection.  Many of these cyber bullies who use false identities forget that actions have consequences. Whether the consequences are immediate or take time, being a nasty individual catches up to you.

So what did I learn? After posting an angry status on my Facebook page on this subject, I had a few ladies mention to me that this has happened to them before. It’s not hard to believe that sometimes girl hate or even just hate is expressed by others through a screen. But it made me realise that you could be a saint or the worst type of sinner, and you will still deal with some form of negativity from the world. These individuals want to break you. They want you to feel isolated, hopeless and lost. But you shouldn’t give them that satisfaction.

I think maybe we all have little demons inside of us that push us to do really dumb things without thinking through the consequences. I steal my sisters clothes almost every holiday even though I know she will eventually see it on me and I will be dead.  But I consistently still take the chance. So my point here is that some people have bigger, out of control demons. And unfortunately, they target others and reflect their own mental wars on you. It is up to us to decide how we will react, and this is something that should always be remembered. Reactions are everything. So if you are ever in my shoes with a tough little situation, remember that these things are learning experiences and they are put in your way to teach you that we are all coded differently and sometimes we just need to accept, grow, laugh about it and move on.