“The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.”

This is by far one of my favourite quotes because despite how much gratitude you show towards anything in your life, there are some things you take for granted. Be it something major like having a car or even the fact that you have the luxury of not knowing what it’s like to go hungry. It’s human nature to feel as if a few things we have are deserved but the fact is, it’s not.

The past week I left home and came back to my small university town. It was the first time I was away from home for my birthday, so my parents drove me up with a car filled to capacity of food. This is a twelve hour drive that they really didn’t need to do. It would’ve cost them a lot less time and money to just send me up with the bus and give me a great big hug at the station. But instead, they put their lives on hold for a few days, left their other responsibilities and road tripped all the way to the Eastern Cape. I know for some students, their parents haven’t been able to see where they live yet.

Forgetting to appreciate the sacrifices others make for you or even the basic luxury of receiving an education happens more often than you might think. How often do you stop and think “Man, I’m so lucky to be studying.”, almost never right? Instead we complain about how heavy the workload is or how early we need to wake up everyday. It’s totally okay and normal to complain, but we should just say thank you more.

That’s all it is. Saying thank you to God and if it’s not God then just the universe for putting things in place, or even your parents, your guardians, siblings and friends! Everyone in your life who pours any form of positivity in deserves a thank you.

So next time when everything is going well in your life, take a moment to appreciate all the things and people that brought you there.