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This Way to ‘I do’- Whimsical Wedding

This Way to ‘I do’- Sangeet Sensations

This Way to ‘I do’- Mendhi Moments

This Way to ‘I do’- Capturing Moments

It has been about three months since This Way to ‘I do’ so I have decided to share some of the magnificent photographs from the weekend we will never forget! Kashmir and the rest of my family spent sleepless nights to make #vivwedskash an absolute success and everything a bride could ever dream of.

As mentioned in my posts during the series, the wedding week turned out to be such a blur for the immediate family because we were extremely busy. But luckily, we had a fantastic photographer who managed to capture all the right moments.

Stay tuned for galleries of each day!

This Way To ‘I Do’- Let’s Get Jiggy With It (Part 4)


The wedding weekend has just flashed passed us. It feels like it hasn’t even happened yet. When you are actively involved in such a mountainous event, there is such a long list of things to be done that actually immersing yourself in the function becomes impossible. Nevertheless, we had an unforgettable time marking the marriage of Vivek and Kashmir.

The Vision of Iris was slightly absent through it all, but I tried to keep you all updated as much as possible in the middle of pick ups, hair, make up, setting up and so much more.

My mother and I had innumerable arguments about me sitting on my laptop in the middle of the day while there was work to be done, so yes- I tried! But now that the rush is all over, I have gathered and accumulated so much to share with you all, from parents to pups- I have it all!


The newly weds are off to their honeymoon and according to Vivek, this is where his work begins!

The Sangeet (our night of dance) was so exquisite and ravishing, everyone had a blast. The theme was a Royal Rajasthani Affair.


The set up was enchanting and the moment we walked in, it felt like we were teleported to the middle of Rajasthan. This is exactly what Kashmir wanted for her guests. All we really wanted was a fun night that brought everyone together- that is exactly what we had.


The dances went off smoothly, and everyone, young and old took part in the festivities.

The background– Dancing has always been such a dominant factor in our family. Both my sisters are qualified Kathak dancers (a North Indian classical dance form) Kajal and Kashmir have both been dancing from age 9 and 6, and since then, dance has been what makes us who we are.

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Every time you see a dancer dance, you see them in the best version of themselves. Albert Einstein once said, “We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams- we are the dancers; we create the dreams.” This embodies the life of a dancer, and the passion a dancer holds within. Kashmir wanted nothing more than to celebrate her marriage with her passion.

Our family commends my parents for pushing their daughters in the direction of dance, and from a very young age, every family function has adopted a dance aspect to light up the evening and ignite the celebrations.

The production- Kajal, my eldest sister could be defined (in the conventional sense) as Kashmir’s maid of honor. So it was her duty to rally up the troops and construct a group of dancers from our enthusiastic and talented family. In the space of three weeks, she had convinced a group of doctors, businessmen, busy students, and the young to help us put on a show for the rest of our family.




Rehearsals were full of laughter and fun (well, according to my family. I wasn’t there 😦 ) Even after a few beers on a chilled Sunday afternoon, they still got jiggy with it and had a blast!


Kajal had no doubt that it would be a victory for us. And it was! Together with our dancer friends, they managed to put together a performance that could’ve almost been a professional show.



The result was exactly what we intended for, it brought everyone together, even after the dances, the spirit lingered and filled the room with a fire that burned inside of everyone to party on!

The power dance had on our family left us speechless, the fun we had at the Sangeet still lingered on the lips of everyone even days after!

P.S- To add to the beautiful theme, we had a prop filled photo booth with Rajasthani props.

These are some of the fun pictures!

This Way To ‘I Do’- So Much To Say, So Little Time (Part 3)

I am typing this at 1:24am, 3/20/2016. My feet are aching and I just need some sleep…


We just finished off at our first major function. The Sangeet. Thanks to my niece and nephew who were our mc’s for the night, I learnt that Sangeet means dance, concert and singing together. It originates from the Sankrit word Sangeetha.

This was a night full of colour and dance, but to be honest- Kashmir and I have just been discussing what a blur it all is to us! The night went by so fast, and six hours felt more like two. But, we all know the feeling when time flies by whilst having fun, maybe this was just it.

This night was magical beyond words. Our rehearsals paid off, and learning my dances via video while in Grahamstown wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

There will defiantly be more about this night up soon, but for now- we are focusing on something a little more current.



The Saturday morning was the Hurdee (or Haldi). A Hurdee in Hindu traditions takes place the day before the wedding. During this, the bride is smothered with a ‘hurdee’ paste, which consists of turmeric, rose water, and in our case, sandalwood.



The purpose of this is to clean the bride to be. It is believed to have the power to cleanse the soul, and mind- before the bride is ready to reach married life. Some might say it is just to give the bride a lovely glow, but there is a deeper meaning behind it.

In older traditional weddings, the Hurdee would serve as a sort of protection, so once the bride to be has been covered in it- she cannot leave the house. But now with changing times, circumstances have advanced and much like Kashmir, some brides choose to have a function afterwards (which means they most probably will leave the house to go to the function venue!)

Kashmir decided that instead of making an entire function out of this, she would perform the prayers and the Hurdee ceremony at home, the day before her wedding. And in the evening, we will celebrate by sharing a night of dance with the ones we love, as we have.

It is such a lovely process, and the day after- the bride ACTUALLY has a beautiful glow! In most families, the process starts with a little prayer and then ladies go up in groups  of five or seven and massage this paste onto the bride and complete a series of prayers during and after. It is a fun and interesting pre-wedding ritual which I will definitely touch on further after the wedding rush.

By the time I post this, the wedding would’ve already passed, which would explain the slight lack of intensity in this post. But, once things have settled I will be deconstructing the wedding weekend and all the shared elements before and after.

I have about three hours of sleep before the BIG DAY! Ciao.


This Way To ‘I Do’- The Essence of Marriage (Part 2)

This Week
It has been ten long days since the first part of the journey. I didn’t think I’d make you guys wait this long BUT it has been a crazy week with many ups and downs. The moment I landed in Durban on Saturday, I went straight to a dance rehearsal and since that moment, it has been a jam packed week!

The past few days wasn’t just bursts of fun, it was also a test for my family emotionally and it really proved our strength to keep it together even in the toughest times. The admiration I have for my mom, dad and both my sisters is constantly growing with each day we tackle together.

Today marks the beginning of the four day celebration. And I have decided to start off this weekend with my first video! This was an intimate interview with both the bride and groom. The questions were based on their opinions on marriage itself.

Kashmir and Vivek are such different personalties and their answers really resonate within by bringing their differences together to become one!

A special thanks to my cousin Akira for assistance with the production of this little video.
To follow the journey a day at a time, add me on SnapChat- KhinaliB or follow me on Instagram @khinalibagwandeen

This Way To ‘I Do’- A Journey Through My Eyes

I come from a family of three girls, and I have the stupendous pleasure of being the last born.

A little bit into my life- My eldest sister is 12 years my senior, and my middle sister, 8. Now this is slightly surprising to many because if you see the three of us together, it seems as if there is nothing above four years between us all. I come from a very close knit family where our bond with each other trumps anything else. I have been told on many occasions that my sisters and I share the type of relationship you see in movies. It is a pleasure and a blessing to be able to call BOTH sisters my best friend, protector, psychologist, financial adviser, and a whole lot more!

Kajal- the first born. She is an accountant by profession and actress by passion. Thanks to her, I have a charming brother in law who is a pharmacist by profession and pilot by passion. Impressive- I know, right?

The two of them have grown to be my second set of parents who have played a tremendous role in my path to self-emergence.  They have also given me the gift of a niece and nephew (four legs and furry!)

IMG_6541 small

Kashmir is the second born. She is a lawyer by profession and passion. This ‘journey’ that I will soon be travelling with you has been prompted by the biggest step she has decided to take on. In about two weeks she will be wedded to the love of her life and this will be a huge step not only for the two of them, but my entire family.


A wedding in my household is unlike any other. The preparation, the stress, the tears, the fighting, the laughs- these only fill a minuscule fraction of what the experience will be like. The journey of a traditional Indian bride is not a smooth one, well, I am not speaking from experience, but I’ve seen enough to know that it’s more like sky diving with no parachute than a rollercoaster.

But despite all the speed bumps, the joy and happiness invested in this four day celebration is out of this world. It almost ends up feeling like a dream. I don’t have the words to describe what this journey has in store for me, my sisters, the groom, my parents, my furry niece and nephew- the list could go on. We are all in for a surprise, and the truth is; WE CANNOT WAIT!!

Without a doubt, this will be a road filled with colour and love, so I invite you to live through this journey with me and my family.


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