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Pierce Brosnan goes Desi

Ever since Die Another Day (James Bond), I was smitten by Pierce Brosnan. Yes, I was really young… So he might have been my first old man crush! But can you blame me? He is a beautiful salt and pepper man. Imagine my surprise when I woke up on Saturday morning and while doing my early social media checks I see tons of tweets and tags about  James Bond going desi. Yes… DESI!


Indian products have never been endorsed by Hollywood actors so this has taken India by surprise. We have often seen the Western world borrow Bollywood beauties like Aishwariya Rai and Sonam Kapoor, which is why this has been pretty entertaining for me. Also because the product is called Pan Bahar, it is a brand of the infamous chewing pan masala that is widely used around India. It is a bit like the habit of smoking but often has no tobacco or nicotine, although it still contains harmful ingredients that can be injurious to health.

If you have ever traveled to this part of world, you would be familiar with seeing men and some women randomly spitting red stuff on walls or on the ground (while you are walking) .


Because of the harmful effects of this product and the infamous reputation it has in India (although extremely popular), the tweets and memes have been hilarious! My favourite headline was “Licence to spit” (you know, like James Bond licence to kill?, pretty funny, right?)


This is what you will probably look like if you are a pan chewer!
Since the product is made out of something called ‘Beetle Leaf”

Nevertheless, I am still in love with the advert and I think it is time India made use of some Hollywood faces!

Take a look at the super bad(ass) video here…

360 Video Paranormal Activity

This 360 video is pretty cool,but maybe not as scary as you would expect.

360 Degree Videos- WHAT

I’m sure if you are social media fundi, you would have already come across the new craze of 360 degree videos. Well, I am a bit slow when it comes to these things, so when Mark Zuckerberg posted a 360 video, my mind was blown. At first I was watching it like a normal video, waiting for something to happen. I turned to my friend with my phone in my hand and the video still playing when suddenly, everything moved! It was such an exciting revelation for me because I am a die-hard YouTube video watcher.
This videos allow you to look in any direction if you just move your phone around. the only downfall is that not everyone has the latest iPhone or Android.
But if you are using a computer, click and drag your mouse around to see what is around you. I will be posting about three of my favorite ones so far, so here;s the first.

Paul McCartney plays on stage with a young fan

The legend Paul McCartney is currently performing around Europe and the USA as part of his ‘One on One’ tour.  Watch this video of a show in Argentina, where a young fan comes on stage and surprises the crowd!


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